What do I need to bring with me for a pre-employment drug screening?
All donors need to bring a photo ID and be prepared to use the restroom when arriving for their urine drug screening. Any information from your company, like a donor introduction form or passport, should also be brought to the clinic.
Who pays for the drug screening? Am I required to pay?
If a company requires a post-offer drug screening, the company will pay for the test. If the donor is voluntarily taking the drug test for their own use, GGC Work Care expects payment prior to performing the service.
Do I need to have all my prescription medications with me when I come for a drug test?
No, the drug test will be sent to a lab and go through a medical review process there. If needed, a Medical Review Officer (MRO) will contact the donor directly to ask about prescription medications. If the donor is also having physical examination, they will need a list of all medications they are taking for their medical history.
Does GGC Work Care provide drug screening at my business or industry?
Yes. GGC Work Care can come to your facility to conduct random drug screens or is available after hours to test for drugs and/or alcohol. Our two clinics are located near industrial parks for drug screening during normal business hours.
Does GGC Work Care accept injured workers from small employers?
Yes. GGC Work Care serves small and large employers. We prefer to have work comp insurance information from employers prior to treating an injured worker to expedite the treatment process.  Please contact GGC Work Care to learn more about this.
What do I bring for my Post-offer or annual DOT Physical?
Make sure you have your current DOT medical card and a list of any medications you are taking.
What do I bring for a Physical Demands Test?
If you are required to take a Physical Demands Test (PDT), it is a replication of the job for which you are being hired. You need to wear comfortable, or work appropriate clothing and sneakers or work shoes. Absolutely no flip flops or sandals are acceptable.